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That brings up a question I have been wondering about. I have this same surface grinder (from KBC) in the non-CNC version and big parts can get hot. I the shop I worked in years ago we had coolant and used it on bigger parts. Would a cold air gun be as effective as coolant?
Kinda? The problem you run into pretty quick is a regular fan that blows air on it would need to be really big and blow a lot of air to cool it, and compressed air as it expands gets colder, which can actually cause the part to shrink as it cools below 68 f. Coolant has really good thermal characteristics for thermal capacity and heat transfer via conduction, and certain coolants can improve surface finish on parts dramatically. There is a reason the bigger fancy grinders use it so much.

I suppose with some sheet metal, silicon sealant, and a small aquarium pump you could convert one of the units to have coolant capability, but that would end up making the machine look kinda dumb.

Or just keep a bucket of coolant near the grinder, cut the thing one thou oversize, and after sparkout, dump it in the bucket for 10 minutes then toss it back on the grinder. That will insure you don't ever accidentally grind it too much undersize.