One more ets strategy not covered above but useful to understand for many manual collet tool change users "routers"

This is the unit sold with the 24r system. The touch off button / plunger does not appear to move or wiggle much at all. Using PP all my router programs return to the e.t.s. and touch off in the same spot every time. No special setup just follow pp prompts. After completing those steps the actual height of trigger point is determined and set as a stored value.
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Note plastic location ring at base of e.t.s. This is used to locate the e.t.s at same location on router table if you move it to clean. Also the ets can be moved and used to set g54-g59 ucs z height by setting ets on desired work surface and touching off.
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This is another way to set u.c.s z offsets in addition to more normal methods like direct tool to work surface with feeler guage.

I also keep a small guard to and "cover in background" to keep ets cleaner during use. The round guard also acts as a platform for manual tool changes when prompted during a program.
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The ets for setting tool heights and part z offset height combined with a electronic-probe for finding part x-y offset edges makes a decent accurate system for this type of machine and collet held tools.
Also the machine has dedicated ports for both tools to make it easy to use.
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Hope this helps others with this concept.
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