I have a Tormach 770 and have upgraded my cam software with now includes turn module.
I fancy having a go at mill turning. I have a number of small valves to make from stainless 303 The valve head is approx 5/8" dia and a shaft length of about 11/16".and dia of 1/8".
I have a ER25 tool holder to hold the stock. Also a number of insert lathe tools with different tip radii to choose from.

So my questions are as follows.

1. Is the 770 rigid enough to mill turn stainless of this size and obtain a good level of finish?
2. Can any one point me towards a good design fixture for multi tools that I can copy and make?
3. What are the recommended feeds & speeds for roughing this, also for finishing cut of the 1/8" dia stem?
4. Assuming the programming is good what level of accuracy am I likely to expect from each part?

I would imagine this job would need a certain amount of tweaking to get right. Taking into account the stock being weak at small dia. With no CNC lathe experience I thought I would gather your thoughts first.


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