Been thinking of options for a cartridge to use in my next mill build. I want to go with bt30 and affordable options are pretty limited. Im wondering if the tormach bt30 can work for me but i think i would be pushing it's capabilities. I'll be driving it most likely with a large servo and I would really like to get 12 to 15k rpm and up to 2.5hp. I want to go fast in aluminum. What is the rpm limit of the stock bt30 and what can be done to increase it? I'd be willing to spend an extra few hundred to upgrade the bearings, but I imagine at a certain rpm, things need to be really well balanced. I'm also open to the idea of some kind of active cooling in the headstock if needed to keep bearings alive.

Also i realize that a chinese high rpm spindle is great for going fast in aluminum, it's what I already have, but I need face milling, drilling, rigid tapping, etc. Which doesn't work with a minimum 6k rpm.

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