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You could get the unlock procedure by signing a disclaimer with Tormach. I and many others did that and Mach 3 became fully accessible.
Most of us just replaced the Tormach exe with the corresponding file from a standard Mach3 installation. The Tormach features remained but all the missing features re-appeared!

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So if his PC dies and he wants to stick with Mach 3 all he'd have to do is buy an ESS/UC300eth/similar device, then buy/build a new PC. Basically the same process as a PP controller. Of course you could always dual boot and run either software package.
I tried the ESS a long time ago. Perhaps it's been improved since then but I wasn't impressed. I've seen videos recently that appear to show the similar issues to those I reported way back.
I'd recommend PP over Mach3 with ESS to anyone. If anyone needs convincing here are some quotes from the man himself

"I like the idea of the Smart Kool. Too bad it’s not compatible with Mach III."
"I’d like to try Rapid Turn, but it’s not compatible with my MACH III, and as long as my MACH III still works, why change."