One of the biggest decisions you need to make as an online business is what is your technology stack your business runs on? Now I don't know how big your business is or what you sell, but the odds are you are a manufacturer and need to build bills of materials for your products so they are costed out and you track everything in inventory. I think/Xero that when I adopted an inventory management system, I had to add about 90 products before I created my first sellable product. So with that in mind, DEAR Inventory is the standout performer. So Shopify/DEAR Inventory/Xero and you are set. But start with DEAR and Xero, if you are wholesaling, that might be all you need as it has a B2B portal for your customers.

Respectfully, this forum is not the place to get advice about ecommerce. I'm sure here are other forums that would be more focussed on the topic.