Perfect. Thank you for the link.

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If you need a CHEAP reamer to get it in close before lapping I have half a dozen reamers from these guys that I've purchased for non-uber critical applications. Sometimes I need a smooth precise slip fit for a pin size nothing else on earth uses, and I only need it once or twice.

Also look over some of the other tools and end mills that seller has. A few are good deals and they combine shipping. It's a good place to get an order of a few cheap tools that might actually make parts, but you can afford to break constantly as you learn. I broke half a dozen 1/8" 4 flute stubby end mills and a couple of 1/4 HSS and carbides from them while I learned the ropes. So cheap it didn't matter.

I don't buy much from them currently, except for the reamers. They have every diameter of cheap reamer imaginable. If the shank is too long on the smaller ones, you can always cut them off. (sacrilege I know, but you don't have to feel bad about murdering a $2 reamer to finish one job.)

What they don't carry that makes me sad are end mills with odd flute numbers (3 or 5) or with high or variable helix. But hey, you can't have everything super cheap.