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    Quote Originally Posted by RhinoRacing View Post
    Anyone know what happened to Mark? Would love to get a couple of these kits!
    I need a couple as well.

    Mine is limping along.

    I’ve searched and can’t find any for sale. I’m starting to look at making my own from liquid level from McMaster-Carr

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    Mark is not making these any more, appears he hasnt made them for some time. I have a post in the FB world on the Tormach page where a fellow user posted a pic of a setup he made, 2 fittings and piece of tubing, pretty sweet. Ideal if you have upgraded and have a remote/external fluid tank. The remote capability of Mark's design was really nice if you still use the stock internal setup, but I am sure another version could be fabricated fairly easy. McMaster-Carr to the rescue.

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Coolant sight gage

Coolant sight gage

Coolant sight gage