This job is for 1200 parts (Aluminum round tubing 2.500OD X 1.500ID

The parts are only about 0.500 long, so I want to do 5 parts without moving the stock.

I would like to have only one program as a subroutine and do some kind of loop until the 5 parts are done, (not 5 time the program with its unique work offset)

Or maybe, using one program and using 5 work offset in Z and would like the work offset to increment by 1 each time until 5 parts are done. G56, G56+1, G56+2....)

I looked in the manual, but have a hard time understanding what they mean and want to do this job on the Tormach lathe.

I hope someone with more knowledge that me could explain to me.

Thanks in advance, Jeff

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