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    I was happily testing gCode by running PathPilot under VirtualBox for a few years, but recently I foolishly elected to upgrade VB, and now I can't get the virtual PP properly started again.

    I am not (yet) trying to get PP 2.x working. I installed VB 6.1.14 and its Guest Additions Pack, and I loaded PP 1.9.8 using the old DVD. The virtual PathPilot 1.9.8 comes up perfectly, except that its File tab can't see the shared file folder.

    I defined the shared folder using the regular VB dialog.
    Running PP in VirtualBox-shared-jpg
    VB seems to be happy with this, but PathPilot doesn't see the folder. I vaguely recall that there may have been some necessary Unix command lines to complete the recognition process. What have I forgotten?

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Running PP in VirtualBox

Running PP in VirtualBox

Running PP in VirtualBox