So I needed to change/add a couple of new tools and set their lengths.
Last time I set up some re-usable tools I used the electronic tool setter (non-oem) and followed the "crash at spindle nose touch and set to 0.00000001" method
This time I see that there was an option to set the tool setter height to zero in PP so I used that, double checked an existing tool length (within .0004" so I know it's working)
But there's a few extra options in the tool length setting tab now, only move Z, touch-off Z, G30 etc I'm not really sure what all they do (can't turn off the G30 once I pressed the button though...)

Anyway, what I can't seem to remember (it's been awhile since I've had to set more than one tool which I normally do manually) is how to get it to stop going all the way to Z-home (up) when it goes to touch off the tool. I set the tool a few inches about the setter, click the button and it goes all the way up, then comes down and touches off, then all the way up again and then sets the offset. Can't recall it doing that before, always went from wherever it was down to touch and then returns to that starting position

What am I forgetting?

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