For those who don't get automatic notices from Tormach, v2.3.6 was released yesterday.

Looks to be only bug fixes- from the release notes:



We fixed issues where:

Stopping a program early sometimes applied inconsistent tool or work offsets, which persisted until a new offset was applied. (PP-2669)

Typing M99 in the MDI Line DRO field without any G-code files loaded caused PathPilot to fail until the controller was restarted. (PP-2671)


We fixed issues where:

Changing the probe rate DROs in G21 (metric units) resulted in a double conversion and unexpected results. (PP-2662)

Selecting Find Z- (on the Probe tab) failed if the start point for the Z-axis was below the machine's Z- soft limit. (PP-2666)

The physical buttons for feed hold and cycle start on the PathPilot Operator Console now respond when they're pressed, not when they're
released. (PP-2670)


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