I've been running my mills pretty much daily since purchasing them over a yr ago . Over the past couple days the spindle on one of the mills (pcnc440) has been acting as though it's dropping power intermittently . The other day I powered the mill and pc off and on numerous times and the problem went away . Today it didn't matter what I did , the problem wouldn't go away .

Since it felt to be a communication issue I changed the db cable and checked for loose connections . I've been running version 2.14 and never updated since I figured there's no point in fixing whats not broken . I updated to the next version and it all seems fine , and only time will tell if this has resolved the issue .
If the problem comes back then the next step will be to swap pc's and isolate the problem to the mill or the pc

Has anyone had this happen or something similar ? I rarely shut my pc's down so I don't know how or if the control had become corrupted , so far it seems to be leaning that way

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