Do you need to make cuts, but want machines with high value, performance and cost-effectiveness? That’s where our model TR408 SHOP CNC Router comes in. This model TR408 SHOP CNC Router is really designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. An optional vacuum working table is available to help you hold down your project.

Model No.
TR408 Process Area 1250mm 2500mm 200mm Accuracy + 0.05mm

TR510 Process Area 1500mm 3000mm 200mm Accuracy + 0.05mm

TR710 Process Area 2000mm 3000mm 200mm Accuracy + 0.05mm

TR713 Process Area 2000mm 4000mm 200mm Accuracy + 0.05mm

* Different power of spindle motor available upon request.
* 5' x 10', 7'x 10' and 7' x 13' stock sizes (Special sizes available upon request.)
* Optional PC based system available
* Vacuum T-slot working table
* Vacuum pumps from China or Germany for your choice
* Servo driving system
* Mist cooling system
* Lubricating system
* Dust collector

Standard features:
* 1250*2500mm (4? x 8? ) process area
* Easy to Use Hand-held controller
* With a 3KW (4HP) HSD high frequency collet spindle
* TigerTec Rack pinion and Linear rails on all 3 axes
* Maintenance free brushless stepper drive motors
* T-slot working table with T-clamp for fixing the processing materials
* All electrical components are housed, wired and tagged from Siemens, Schneider, Igus
and Phoenix.

Ideal for Sign Making, Prototyping, Model Making, Engraving, Woodworking, Metal Engraving, Plastics, Foam, Educational Applications and General Fabrication. Designed to cut a multitude of materials such as composite materials, foam, plastic, solid wood, soft wood, acrylic, MDF, bamboo, PVC, double color board, brass, copper, aluminum and ACP etc.

Welcome inquiries and questions. Your feedback is extremely important for us to succeed.

TigerTec Team

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