Embedded IPC-based, independently-developed NK105 provides user with a whole set of solutions on the basis of engraving machines.

NK105 integrated machine is composed of host system and operation panel. Also called control box, host system integrates system control card, terminal board and other parts, and makes connection with operation panel via 15-core extension cable.

The up and down ends of the back of the control box are used to inlay terminals while left side includes USB interface and DB15 interface. And DB15 interface has already been connected to operation panel when leaving factory. USB interface is for external connection with USB equipment (e.g. USB flash disk).

Also called handheld box, operation panel is similar to handwheel in size, concise and portable, connected with host system via 15-core extension cable. Independent working without distribution cabinet facilitates the machine tool control. And its moving distance is only restricted by length of extension cable.

TigerTec Team