Hi Everyone
I am new to this whole CNC world with my only previous experience being secondary school.

I recently acquired a Isel cpm2018, after a bit of faffing, computer buying and head scratching I have managed to get the machine to move with the trial version of Kay.
I have already put more money into this endeavour than any sensible student would ever do so therefore I am not super keen on purchasing the full version of Kay.

I do however have an old copy of Mach3 that a friend gave me...
So after looking through what seems like thousands of forum threads, I am struggling to see if it is even possible to use Mach for my machine. I have spent enough hours staring at the ‘ports and pins’ section on Mach3 scratching my head with the limited information from Isel.
The only other thing is that I do not want to mess with new motors, drivers, breakout boards etc.

So my questions to anyone out there are...
Do you have an Isel machine?
Does it run?
What do you run it on?
If you have switched to mach3, how did you achieve that?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!


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