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    Default LC+ 4896 Motor Requirements

    As a retrofit project I acquired an LC+ 4896 with the table, gantry and HSD ES915 ATC spindle in great condition ... but with no controller box or servo motors. I understand that this model is the high-speed upgrade version "designed" for the NEMA 34 belt driven closed-loop brushed servos with 1/2" shaft. I already have a new non-techno controller, software, etc. which I will not do without and I'm also looking to keep the drive train setup relatively intact ... meaning, I will just add new closed-loop drivers and motors to the existing belts and pulleys. Furthermore, before purchasing this machine I acquired a 3-axis 72VDC closed-loop stepper hybrid servo kit from a friend which comes with motors rated at 1128 oz-inch and 8 N.m. with what it looks like a rated 2500rpm top speed. Another thing that I have is a 24V brake although the steppers seem pretty stiff when not powered.

    I know it's easy to get into the whole hybrid stepper vs. servos vs. calculating the torque requirements, etc. debate ... but what takes precedence is that the drive train setup was originally designed for the brushed servos and that for simplicity I want to keep it as is. In simple terms ... can I get away with just plugging in the steppers that I have or do I "need" to go out and purchase true servos? Also, if someone knows the actual torque and speed ratings of the original NEMA 34 Dynetic Systems brushed servos that would be great too.

    Original servo setup:
    X/Y Motor Assembly - HZ2600M0670607
    (motor H50R10-067 / encoder H90Z46-SRV90C-1)
    Z-Axis Motor Assembly - HZ2600M0670617
    (motor H50R11-067 / encoder H90Z46-SRV90D-1)

    Thanks ...

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    Default Re: LC+ 4896 Motor Requirements

    While we at Armor CNC don't believe that steppers are adequate for a CNC machine for many many reasons, I can still help and let you know that peak torque on those motors is 200 oz-in continuous, 1200 peak.
    Match your steppers to that or exceed it and you'll be fine.
    You can also do the math, if you've got 20mm pitch screws (might be 5, but 20 is more likely), you can figure out how much torque you will need at any given speed and aim for what you're looking to accomplish.

    On the off chance you'd like to get the original equipment to drive that machine, we can supply all of it that you're missing, contact me here or by PM or on our website.


    Eric Feldman - Design Engineer, Programmer
    Armor CNC - Support hours: 7am thru 10pm EST, 7 days a week

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LC+ 4896 Motor Requirements

LC+ 4896 Motor Requirements

LC+ 4896 Motor Requirements