OK, I've made enough progress on my steppers that I thought it time to inspect and clean and lube what I have before starting reassembly.
So I took off the Z axis assembly. The first thing I notice is the Z ball screw has a torsion spring somewhere in this config. I think this
is prob a good idea since the spindle is probably fairly heavy then I notice its loaded downward. Huh? Second thing I notice is it's surprisingly clean
already, no sawdust, plastic, or alum shaving, etc. Some brown goop on the ball screw that feels like grease. Nothing much on the rails. I have
avoided compressed air as I don't want to blow swarf into anything unnecessarily.

1. Should I use any kind of solvent to clean screws/rails or just wipe them as clean as possible with paper towels?
I'm trying to avoid taking apart rails or ball screws cause of the spring loaded balls in the screw & rails.
2. What kind of lubricant should I be thinking about going back with?
3. Whats up with this spring? I'm guessing its up near the top with the bearing but why add to the already heavy load when going up?

Thanks to all who have responded. Sorry if I'm duplicating but I read for about a month before starting this project.
Don't hesitate to point out anything I have overlooked.

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