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    Anyone tried this Shars 3x5 vice? The vertical dimensions are taig compatible (base clearsz rail, jaw clears z screw). Also curious if the LMC Z clamps would work on this vice (or is there some other off the shelf clamping solution)

    Other one I'm looking at is this LMC 3" Screwless (3" wide, 3.94" opening length, same listed squareness/hardness, but bigger overall in all dimensions). Given the larger overall dimension + smaller opening, it must be a beefier design? Will that result in better work-holding?

    I'm leaning toward the extra capacity unless there's a compelling reason to go the other way. It'd be a bit different if the LMC could handle 4" stock. Wonder if it would with a longer cap screw?

    Also, I'm mainly looking at vices that have the slots on the side, the hole just seem like extra work/complexity, unless I am missing something?

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Choosing a vice

Choosing a vice