Hi All,

Please be gentle, it's my birthday today and I'm not getting any younger. :|

A few years back I bought something very similar to this for my 6040 CNC:


I have never used it (it's probably crap right?), and the other day I got to thinking maybe it could be the basis of a simple T-Slot CNC lathe, and then I had some beers at lunch and ordered the below items from aliexpress (birthday presents)... oops!

So my thought process was:

Get rid of the stepper on the 4th axis and replace it with a speed controlled motor:


And use this system (X 600mm & Y 1000mm) to move the apron? and tool holder?:


Bolt it all to some "bolted together" extrusion like this:


Bolt the extrusion to a bench.

Voila, a CNC lathe.

I'm a "IT nerd" beginner with no real lathe experience, I haven't really got a use case for it, it was more of a DIY tinkering project (I have LOTS of projects in the "queue").

I realise I have probably messed up here quite a bit (no doubt I could reuse the parts in other "projects"), I will probably have all sorts of issues with accuracy but how bad is it (I would really appreciate a kind of A-Team/MacGyver "stuck in a barn with bad guys outside and need to build a CNC lathe with these parts to help save us" mentality)?



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