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If anyone is interested in programing a Swiss machine with Mastercam here is a post that works very well. I have been working on it since 2016 (over 60 hrs of work) - Consider it 95% complete.

Turning H1, H2
Milling Cross Tools
Milling Face Tools
Milling Back Tools

Head 2 on Front Tools untested
Polar Interpolation

I have placed the download link on the bottom of this site. I plan to get the users manual up as soon as possible. Maybe faster if there is any interest.

What is the catch?

The link above contains an unlocked, plain text post. There is not enough information out there on how to program these machines, hopefully this will help get someone started.
There is also a common misconception out there that one must purchase expensive and complicated Swiss software to program complex parts. Not so, full mastercam milling toolpaths work awesome on the Star.

I ask three things:
If this works for you please share your experience.
Please share your post if you modify it for another machine.
Please do not pirate Mastercam.

This post makes code that runs on the machine with Zero hand editing. Here are some basic instructions.

* - a sample file is included. Post all operations and you will get two streams of code.

* - there is a "transfer" folder in there. You must have this in the same folder as your mastercam file. The mastercam file looks for the transfer folder then dumps the info you have there into your program.

* - open up Star_SR-20RII_H1_001.NC and modify the top
* - open up Star_SR-20RII_H2_001.NC and modify the top
This is the header for head one and head two.

I will update the site as soon as I can with mill turn examples and instructions on all its features. If you follow the sample part, you should be able to get her done.

* - a note on how I program Mastercam Lathe. I have never seen it done like this, but this is key to this post. For side 2, make a transfer toolpath and put zeros in all the values. For every toolpath in head2, make sure your axis combination is set to lower right and set your origin to the back of the part.

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