Nomura NN13 lathe questions?

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Thread: Nomura NN13 lathe questions?

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    Hi All we recently purchased a Nomura NN13 sb2 lathe. The machine is missing the guide bushing and all related parts. Does anybody know what guide bushing this machine takes? According to the parts list I have it should be a p10 guide bush, however all of the collet manufactures tell me it should be a p16 guide bushing. I think it would be weird that the machine would take a 10mm bush if the spindle is 13mm through.


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    Hardinge calls them P16. Some others call it P1653C (collet) and P1653D (guide bushing). At least that's what my NN13 takes.


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    Would either of you happen to have the setup program and O9801 macro the nomura program manual calls out ? I recently got a NN13 with a dead battery and had to reload everything . I’m new to Swiss and Trying to program by following nomura manuals.

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    I have the machine parameters in pdf form some where, but its all in Japanese so if I lose my battery im going to have to hire a translator.

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    alloy craft I was in the same boat . my machine came with a dead battery . google translator worked wonders and its free

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    im trying to figure out how to program this machine by following the program manual . my problem is I didn't have the O9801start position program . some nice people on here gave me there copy off there machine but all 3 were different . im new to swiss and having a hard time wraping my head around starting position .

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Nomura NN13 lathe questions?

Nomura NN13 lathe questions?

Nomura NN13 lathe questions?