Maybe the gremlins are out (Halloween coming, ya know) or perhaps because I dared to upgrade the enclosure.

My mill has worked to perfection for years with Parker Compumotor "A" drives and steppers, but right after the above mentioned up grade, for some reason one of my Parker drives threw fire and took a dump. I tested all the wiring and could find no short circuit. I even took the drive apart looking for anything I could find and only found a blown fuse. Replaced it, still dead as a doornail!

I reset the dip switches on a "spare" drive (same brand and model) and put it in place. It will run the motor in only one direction no mater which motor or motor harness nor which data harness is connected.

All three of the motors will run properly with any data harness and either of the other two drivers. The symptom follows that driver where ever I put it.

Maybe I should retire the Parkers and replace them with Geckos!!

Pulling my hair out and banging my head against the floor, if you know something please talk to me!!


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