Can anyone help i wonder?

I am trying to connect drivers to mach 3 to test them for first move but i harder then i thought.
Motor and encoder are wired according to label that is in motor.
This is the kit that i have: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3280204 ... 4c4dEAMGhH

Configs that i am using are:
Pul+ Pin9
Pul- 5V0
DIR+ Pin19
DIR- 5V0

Switch in driver are config to default (400 steps)

Mach3 is config to 100 steps to mm velocity to 2000 and accel to 200. Step pulse and Dir pulse are both set to 5.
I believe AXBB-E is properly config because i have home induction switch and are working as supposed. I can activate them and mach3 is recognizing them

The problem is when i try to rotate motor in arrow keys i get driver error alarm and it blinks 7 times.
I tried several configs and kernel speeds but no success.

Any help is welcome.


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