I am new in the forum.

I have a cnc plasma cutter building project.
For now its time to understand what kind of materials I can use from my "garbage".
I have some step motors ref: HY200 3437 0660 AK04 that i think it will be fine for my project. Can you guys give me your opinion?

->Motor type: Hybrid;
->phase current: 6,6A;
->1 shaft;
->I cant find all the information about this motors, but I think its supplied 48V AC and have torque 3.5Nm.

So with this information I was looking for a driver, that i need to buy. I find the model ref:MA860H that I think it will be nice. Do you guys ever use this driver? I would like to have feedback about the drive. Also can someone explain me what is the pros and cons of use AC motor ?

Hope you guys can help me,
Best Regards.

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