I'm new on CNC Machining, my machine is DIY, with mach3, I have a serious problem with M2Home (Y Axis home on mach3) sensor

a little back story,
my shop is not run for over 1 year, and then I try to run it again recently, but the M2Home is having a problem (first) that it's not showing the indicator (light) when it's on Y Axis Home, and then 5 minutes later or so, my machine got down, my guess is electrical short circuit, it releases smoke on one of my 2 component on the machine for Y Axis which is a micro-stepper and the power for the micro-stepper, I'm not sure which one, and then it's surely smell like something burnt

Is it the micro-stepper, or the power, or the sensor (on work area) that cause it and need to be replaced with a new one, or else, I dont know what to do

I need help, suggestion, and anything that can help me to fix this, I apreciate anything

Thank you

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