Need Help! Stepper motors don't seem to work :-(

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Thread: Stepper motors don't seem to work :-(

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    Question Stepper motors don't seem to work :-(

    Hi everyone, i'm planning to build my own cnc machine and recently i have received my usbcnc controlboard, motor drivers and motors.
    Unfortunately, I can't get it to work..

    Here is what I'm trying to hook up:

    - USBCNC board : USB CNC 4 Axis Controller Interface Board Cncusb MK1 Usbcnc 2 1 Substitute Mach3 | eBay
    - Motor drivers (3x) : CNC Router Single 1 Axis 3 5A TB6560 Stepper Stepping Motor Driver Board Control | eBay
    - Motors (3x): 3 x NEMA 17 Japan Servo Stepper Motors 83oz in Mill Robot RepRap Makerbot Prusa | eBay

    Here a pic from my test setup:
    Stepper motors don't seem to work :-(-dsc_0014_800px-jpg1

    If not clear from the picture, this is how the wires are connected:

    usbcnc board -> motor driver wires:

    CP -> Pul-
    CW -> Dir-
    - -> EN-
    +5 -> +V

    motor driver -> motor wires

    A+ -> brown
    A- -> orange
    B+ -> red
    B- -> yellow

    black and white wires on motors are common and not connected
    I have measured this (resistance between fases = 4 ohms, between fase and common= 2 ohms) and is also in line with the color table on:
    301 Moved Permanently

    The motor driver is connected to a 24V 2.5A powersupply (also tried a 12V 1.25A power supply)

    -- What happens? --

    The USBCNC board is recognized by the driver and software. When jogging, the coordinates change on the screen.
    I suppose it works correctly

    The motor driver also seems to work as far as i can see.
    It's 'power' LED is on and when jogging the X-axis, the 'run' LED is on

    The motor however does not, move, click vibrate what so ever.
    The holding torque seems to be same as when not connected

    -- What have i tried? --

    I tried :
    - two different power supplies (12V and 24V)
    - various dipswitch settings on the motor driver
    - hooking up the other 2 motors (
    - hooking up the other 2 motor drivers
    - one of the other 2 motor cables (connector could be faulty)
    - switching the B+ and B- wires` (ebay page of motor says: "Comes with 6-Lead Wire; A, A Common, A-, B-, B Common, B")

    What could be wrong, other than i have received 3 defective stepper motors?

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    Don't you hate that, that you solve the problem after posting it on a forum?
    Seems to work now, i have disconnected wire "-" (controllerboard) -> "EN-" (driver)

    little new problem occurs now;
    after stop jogging, sometimes the motor keeps making noise and gets hot.
    Suppose it has something to do with the parameters of the driver board.
    I'm on to it now!

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Stepper motors don't seem to work :-(

Stepper motors don't seem to work :-(