I have posted a similar thread on another forum, and have had a lot of help to get where I am but I'm stuck (at what feels like the last hurdle) so thought
I would increase my odds and put it out to a wider audience...

I'm in the process of building a DIY 3m x 1.5m CNC Router with 9kw ATC Spindle. and i'm just bench-testing my VFD, Spindle and Brake Resistor.

My problem is as it's an ATC Spindle, I would eventually need it to stop quickly (so it can perform the Automatic Tool Change, within 5s max would be nice) but at the moment I haven't been able to get it close to that, in fact, 20s
seems to be the quickest I can get no matter what Parameters I use...

I'm hoping someone on here may even have the same VFD, or just understand them better than I do.

My VFD is an 11kw Dema D6 (see the attached manual) and I have a 1000w 60ohm Braking Resistor


The Parameters I think I need to set are on Page 41, 43 and 46, however, I must have tried so many combinations of these parameters and none, seem to make a difference.

I have been in touch with the supplier and one of the suggestions was to get a new Brake Resistor 1500w and 75ohms - but my limited understanding of Brake Resistors makes me think this would take longer to slow down than my current 60ohm one..??

Really appreciate any help/info you might have



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