The makers space I belong too has recently replaced their RichAuto AutoNow DSP A11 controller for a NVCM6V2.1 USB Mach3 Motion Controller Stepper Motor.
I have all of the limit switches, E-stop, and stepper motors working and calibrated properly with Mach3 and I can manually start and stop the spindle with the buttons on the inverter. I would like to make the controller fully control the Fuling 280 Inverter properly with the controller through Mach3, but I am having difficulty wiring and configuring the controller and inverter.

My current config is
VS on controller is going to VI on the inverter for 1-10v
OT1 on the controller is going to S1 on the inverter for spindle forward/reverse
Ground on controller going to ACM/DCM on inverter.

Inverter is set to
Code F0.01- Command source selection of fuling inverter
Setup Range: 0- keyboard; 1- terminal; 2- communication
Set to 1

Code F0.03- Frequency command selection of fuling inverter
Setup Range: 0- keyboard; 1- VI; 2- CI; 3- VI+CI; 4- Multi-speed; 5- PID control; 6- communication
Set to 1 for VI

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am trying to sort this out to make it easier for the makers here to use.
Thanks in advance.