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Thread: Help finding VFD for Spindle

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    Default Help finding VFD for Spindle

    I purchased the following Chinese spindle motor, and got some bad advice on the VFD. The VFD is a KBMA-24D series from KB Electronics, which is obviously incompatible because it will not source 400 Hz.

    The motor I have uses German bearings and claims low runout. The specs are:

    Product information
    Technical Details

    Manufacturer: Taishi
    Part Number: USTS0811FG
    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
    Color: Silver
    Material: Steel
    Power Source: Ac
    Voltage: 220 Volts
    Wattage: 800 watts
    Horsepower: 1 hp

    Engraved on motor: 0.8KW 220V 6.5A 400HZ

    The VFD the Rep now suggests, again, does not source 400 Hz, and costs nearly $400, so I thought I'd try getting advice from the forum. I would prefer running the VFD with 120V/60Hz input voltage if that is all possible, but if not I can drop another 240V line in my shop. I have a limited budget so I don't want to end up with another VFD that doesn't drive this motor.

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    Default Re: Help finding VFD for Spindle

    have you seen these?

    i'm not an expert but it can do 400hz and should be able to manage the 800w.

    i had one for my 2.2kw spindle but it wasn't big enough so i ahve gone with a 220v version

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Help finding VFD for Spindle

Help finding VFD for Spindle

Help finding VFD for Spindle