Trying to select a spindle right now. I'm looking at the Jianken spindles as they seem to be a high-quality Chinese option. Also looking at Teknomotor and used Colombo, too.

What I've noticed is the Jianken spindles show lower amperage for a given wattage. A Colombo RV73 draws 8.6A for 2.2 kw at 220V. The Jianken JGD-80 is at 6.0A for 2.2kw at 220V. We all know AxV=W, which in the case of the Colombo seems reasonably close at 1.89 kW. The JGD-80 would only have 1.32 kW available at 220V.

Am I missing something? Or are these spindles wildly optimistic in their power rating?

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