Hi everybody, I need some help about my cnc machine, I explain me:
First, sorry for my very good and beautiful english!!

So, I have a BoB STB5100 and a 2.2Kw spindle with VDF Y620-A
the setup of the VFD are okay ,I can control the VFD in MACH3 ON/OFF and spindle frequency.

The wire connection between VFD and BoB are:

10V -> 10V
AVI - > Vl1
FWD -> FWD or Output#1

Now my problem is, sometime (almost all the time) when a connect my BoB to MACH3 and the VFD is switched on, I get a communication error.. sometime that work but max 2min. When I just disconnect the Xgnd or FDW wire, thats work without problems (of course a can't turn on the spindle with mach3 but I can control the frequency speed).
By the way when a make a bridge between XGND and FWD (means the FWD and XGND are not connect to the BoB), I have the same problem!
I had tried to put some capacitor and diode as filter, change nothing.

Some people know this problem??? thx

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