Need Help! Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2

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Thread: Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2

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    Default Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2

    Hello to all

    One year ago I started building a large CNC milling machine.

    I've installed steper motors (nema42), dirvers, connected to AKZ250 and everything works great. But
    on the final step, when I came to spindle setup everything became very complicated for me.

    I hoped to find solutions on youtube tutorials, where everything is wired and configured in 5 minutes, but VFD that I got from China has different inputs.

    here is what I have:

    - this is inverter (VFD) manual

    - this is AKZ250 manual I'm try to use diagram on page 59

    this is inverter model: GT-4R0G-2

    my firs steps was like in youtube wiring - PWM, 10v from VFD+1k resistor in VI2 input, but it didn't work.

    After this I asked for help manufacturer, I asked how could I control VFD with PWM signal and this is what thay sent to me

    I've made the same vfd setup:
    P001 - 1
    P003 - 60
    P004 - 60
    P007 - 2
    P202 - 1

    and made wiring like this:

    Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2-nor_1-jpg

    Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2-nor_2-jpg

    and this is how it looks like, when spindlde starts on 2000RPM.

    I am very beginner in this and my electrical knowledge is very poor in this business. I dont ever understand how PWM +10v works.
    I will appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2

    Hi Ja_Ja,
    I have the same Motion Card but a different VFD. I have just finished playing with this.....
    You say you are using the diagram on page 59 but your wiring is not the same as that diagram.

    Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2-akz250-speed-signal-png

    Your 'Pull Up' Resistor ( 1k ohm ) must be wired at the VFD as shown in the diagram.
    This gives you an approximation of a 0 -10V signal. The AKZ250 can ONLY output a PWM signal.
    The result will 'in the ball park' and can be tweaked by adjusting the VFD input signal parameters.

    Make sure your VFD IS actually outputting 10.0V. If its high, no amount of parameter tweaking will fix it.
    My VFD outputs 13v ( supposed to be 12V ) so I used a 10v voltage regulator.

    You should be able to get within 10% error.
    You also don't need the REV signal wire. There is no need to spin in reverse.


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Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2

Need help to wire AKZ250 with VFD GT-4R0G-2