I built a 5-axis Router in 2017. I am using a Bosch Router.
I am rebuilding my control box to change from Pokey57CNC to ESS/MB3.
I have been able to spin motors and get proximity sensors to talk with Mach, but I have run into a wall with respect to getting Mach to energize the router.

My first and failed attempt was to try a 24V relay module and configure an Output Pin. I attempted to wire it per the instructions.
  1. I provided 24V from a the same power supply that powers the MB3
  2. I connected the signal wire to Y301
  3. I configured Y301 to Mach so I could Use screen-based M3 commands.
  4. The LED at Y301 responds to the M3 Command, but the relay doesn't operate.
  5. After I ruled out, configuration errors I checked the Voltage drop from Y301 to ground and it was zero for all combinations of Active H/L and M3 On.off.
  6. I then suspected a defective board until I read the ESS/MB2 form where a commentor lead me to believe that I damaged the board for lack of a diode in this output circuit. This issue was cited in the manual ( by way of a note on a diagram), but I filed to recognized its importance, Actually I did not know how to turn the sketch in the manual to a wiring diagram.
  7. Then I went down the proverbial CNC Rabbit-hole looking for guidance. I found none that I understood.

I have spent more time on this than I'd like to admit. So, my request is for guidance on the best practice to control a router with the ESS/MB3 Board. I am not married to the Rely solution I started. Perhaps there is another solution that uses the on-board low power relays?

Thanks in advance.

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