SinuTrain Trail: problem with the activation

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Thread: SinuTrain Trail: problem with the activation

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    Hello everybody

    I have downloaded the trail version of SinuTrain. After the installation in the Automation License Manager I pulled the test license onto the F: drive in which the SinTrain folder is situated.

    When trying to start up the software the following error message comes up:

    ‘No valid license key found. Please install a valid license key’.

    Can anybody help me?

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    What you mean pulled? Copied?

    1.This message only comes up when installing it with a License key
    This is not necessary when you only want to install a trial version.

    2. If you would need a license then you need to ‘assign’ it with the license manager to the particular directory.

    3. When the trial version is installed, then the license manager is installed at the same time and the license is automatically copied into the correct folder
    So something is definitely wrong here or you already had a version of SinuTrain on the computer.

    Then it doesn’t make a difference if you choose a different partition.

    You can also contact Siemens directly…

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SinuTrain Trail: problem with the activation

SinuTrain Trail: problem with the activation

SinuTrain Trail: problem with the activation