I recently replaced a broken 810D CCU1 with same model and version. after restor the archive NC and PLC files, the machine stay in FeedHold . both spindle and axes are not staring as such we get axes enable missing when trying to move or refrence any axis. DB35 DBX2.1 which is spindle driver enable is missing. I tried to trace that bit in the PLC when I go online, however it is really hrad as the program is STL without any comments and there are many JC and JU functions. there was a memory bit M47.x which I can modiy it to "1" and it makes DB35 DBX2.1 true "1". I was expecting that this let me starts the feed and spindle but it still doesnt let me.
Question: what is the final interlock bit for feed start and spoindle start? the signal comes from MCP to PLC is I2.3 and I2.5 for feed start and spindle start.

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