I am trying to learn this new conversational control and I am having some problems understanding how to copy a part to make multiple parts on one piece of material. Part of the problem is I don't have a good understanding of work offsets. My other 2 machines handle work offsets differently. This control uses G code type offsets which I do not have a good grasp on. Do you know of any info I can read on how G code offsets work. For example right now the machine is using G54 if I change offsets in the offset table for G54 through G59 is the offset from the current offset for example if I am in G54 and program a different offset for G55 is that difference from machine coordinates or the current offset?

If you know the shop mill programming inside the Siemens control I am having problems using the mark command and then setting the offset for the marks. I have read the manual for this about 100 times but I can't get my mind around what to do and everything I input does not work. I can program the first part just fine but the copies I am having a problem with short of programming each part separate and entering an absolute coordinate for each copy.

I have about 20 different parts to program some I cut 1 at a time due to size but most are done 4 to 10 at a time in one piece of material. I really like this control I just need to learn how to use it.

I have been programming a CNC router using a CAD/CAM program designed for routers and a simple conversational control on a Trak Mill so this is new to me.

Machine is a Sharp SVL-2416SE-M control Siemens 828D