I have the following problem:

I haven‘t used my AXA VSC1 for half a year and when I switched it on again and wanted to run with the Y axis, it suddenly started to jerk really loudly and it went to error. „stand-still monitoring feed drive“
In order to locate the problem, I have done the following:

Moved axis manually with a tool > it’s all running quite smooth and the measuring system shows all correctly! I have switch the measure circuit with each other on the backside of the controller and change the NC MD accordingly. The result was that the error went to other axes e.g. it doesn’t matter how the operating mode selector switch is set,
or also when the machine is switched on, the X and Z axes starts making small jerky movements which then go over rotational movements and rotational movements with a diameter of around 1cm- then the controller says error and stops „stand-still monitoring axes Z and X“. When I move the measure circuit back in its old position then only the Y axis is affect by the error.

Should I reinstall NC MD??

Please help me!