We have a Shopsabre router from somewhere around 2010 running wincnc 2.6 and we are having some serious issues with G code from Fusion 360 running really slow. In many ops F360 outputs many small short G1 lines. This is especially an issue with adaptive HSM but is also in most other operations. The machine then processes each of these movements extremely slowly instead of translating them to one smooth movement at speed.
I talked to Shopsabre today and they said this was an issue on the CAM or Post processor side and that those tiny linear movements are supposed to be converted to G2/G3 commands to keep it moving quickly. I have found a lot of complaints online that F360 doesn't do this and that it should but I also know that on my other machine running linuxCNC it does not have this issue and is perfectly capable of smoothing out those small G1s to a smooth high speed op and I have to believe that this machine should be capable of the same.
We did find something I think G9 (not in front of the manual right now) that was talking about smoothing parameters either to set hard in the .INI or in the G code. I also found some info for other machines running wincnc having a constant velocity mode or something that smoothed things out. I am pretty confident there should be settings on the machine to smooth this stuff out but the guys at shopsabre insisted it was a problem with the G code.
If there is anything on the machine to smooth this out or if anyone has encountered similar problems and has any solutions any input would be greatly appreciated.

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