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Thread: Stabilize z axis spindle arm.

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    Good morning, recently I built a stabilizer for the spindle arm of my 1991 SHOPTASK MILL. With X amount of force applied perpendicular to the arm at the Z spindle axis the dial read out was .003". With the stabilizer arm attached to tail stock as shown in the photos and the same X force applied the read out was about 0 to .0005". (See attached photos) don't do much lathe operations with this machine, It works for me!Stabilize z axis spindle arm.-retro-z-stable-001-jpgStabilize z axis spindle arm.-retro-z-stable-002-jpgStabilize z axis spindle arm.-retro-z-stable-003-jpg

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Stabilize z axis spindle arm.

Stabilize z axis spindle arm.