Anyone know where i can find the software to configure and set up a Faulhaber MinimotorSA MCBL 5004 servo drive?

It's quite an old drive I know. Faulhaber does not seem to respond to their website support. :-(
It seems the original drives came with a 1.44 Floppy Disk.Yip old......
From the documentation I can gather there are a few small programs that work on windows type terminal program via RS232.
Can anyone possibly offer me a copy?

Alternatively does anyone know if the older versions of Motion Manager (if there were earlier versions?) are compatible with this drive?
This would be a better option that the terminal type program/s documented in the manual.

Faulhaber only offers Motion Manager version 5 and 6 for download, which i assume is not compatible.

Really appreciate any assistance, knowledge and leads,

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