Hi experts

I'm trying to diagnose some B&R servo motors (and other brands like stober) and the goal is to build a B&R project for testing B&R motors.
there is a list of what I have for this aim:

- Acopos 1022 servo drive with AC 110 and AC 120 card.
- some B&R 8MSA servo motors
- PP15 power panel (to say exactly 4PP015.E420-36)
- Automation studio AS_3.090.24 installed on my laptop.

Am I miss any requirments?

So I need to define a single axis project in my laptop to build it in the PP15 which can test and diagnose the servo motors.

I know there are sample projects in AS directories and can be used for my aim, and samples may need to some modifications. Can anyone tell me which sample is more suitable for my goal.

Any help would be appreciated. Like there is a manual instruction or something.

Best regards


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