Hi all. I have an old chinese CNC lathe which has 2 x 220V AC servo drivers that didn't survive the truck ride to the shop.
Since the lathe was dirt cheap and money is a bit tight I didn't want to spend too much on replacing both servos.

Both motors are older Chinese GSK 110SJT-M040D with 2500ppr encoders with ABZ,UVW differential output.
The drivers are obsolete models from some company I couldn't find and thus no manual or datasheet.

After a fair bit of research on replacements I jumped on the 1kW model of the Lichuan A4 Series.
I was told by a rep from Lichuan after putting in the order that the engineer over there wasn't satisfied the electrical angle would match up and that I should purchase from them the next series up and spend more $dolarydoos.

From what I have learnt so far as long as the motor encoder commutation signals UVW match with the phases they correspond to the driver should be able to control the motor just fine. And if there is a difference in phase labeling it should simply be a matter of swapping connections.
Given the motors that Lichuan sells as a kit with these drivers have almost identical specs to the ones I have on the lathe already I'm confident they should be compatible.

Am I missing something here? Does anyone have any experience mixing motors and drivers from different manufacturers?

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