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I use and love Delta servos. I personally have the B2 series servos which has a 160,000 count encoder and does not have the second encoder channel
like your proposed A2 series servos. At the time I bought them I did not realise that the A2 series had that extra feature and could be had for only about
$50 more (each) than the B2 series. None-the-less the B2 series are superb.

Good quality, reliability and backup.

fasttobuy2012 | eBay Stores

I found this Ebay store to be if not the lowest price it was close to. They are responsive and can source direct from Delta.
If you buy Delta servos you want to use the Delta tuning software in which case you need the programming cable. I bought
a genuine Delta accessory cable, you'll want one.


I have 400W and 750W servos, they deliver great torque, they seem to 'punch above their weight'. I would go with 750W as they are
only $30-$50 more and are the same size as your steppers.

I have mine direct coupled to 5mm pitch ballscerws for G1's of 15m/min (3000 rpm) but use field weakening mode for G0's of
25m/min (5000rpm). Yes, you can induce Delta servos to run at 5000 rpm.....are you in for a treat!.

I suspect that you could direct couple your servos......they have serious grunt and I think you could get away without gearboxes or
belt reduction.

Using auto-tune its very simple indeed. If you wish to refine auto-tune or have to for some reason then you can do so and there are some
excellent tuning aids in the software. Beware that it's complicated and you could spend hours/days and still learn more. Its not that
tuning the servo and drive are that hard it's just that servo tuning is SUCH a broad subject.

One word SUPERB.

Just a note: the new B3 Delta servos use a Mini USB cable to interface with the computer and don't need a special programming cable. From Fasttobuy the B3 pricing is very similar to the B2 pricing.

(Well based on the manual and ports on the drive, just unpacked my 750W B3. Amazing how small the servo is!