Needing a bit of help with some Kollmorgen S200 Servo Amplifiers.
I have 4 which are connected to AKM31E-ACDNC-00 and 2 connected to AKM42J-CCDNC-00. These are connected to a PMDI MC4000 motion card.
This setup has been running fine for the last 12 years on this particular machine and lots of other machines.

Now here is the problem...........

When i power the machine up and reset the e-stop all amplifiers are enabled fine. After a while 1 amplifier, not always the same one will fault giving 9 flashes which is Motor l-l or l-n Short, Line-to-Line, Line-to-Neutral or Line-to-PE short on the motor output causing an instantaneous over current. Then another will fault and then another.

I have pretty much replaced everything but still getting the fault. Before i go out and buy 6 new amplifiers, has anyone got any ideas as to what could be causing this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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