Hi all! I've started building a home CNC. The frame and rails are completed but I haven't bought any drive components.
I had planned on using steppers but ran across these NOS servos at a really good price. Four of these will be needed ( 2x, 1y, 1z). I want to make sure I'm not overlooking any obvious issues before purchase.
The CNC working area is 36" x 60" and will be used mostly on thick aluminum stock.

Here are the servo specs I've been able to find.

Reliance Micro 100 E690 0690-02-011
1/2 hp
Base RPM 1750
Armature Voltage 120VDC

These are PWM motors. An older post here mentions that these have the Avago HED-5605 encoders with 100 - 1024 counts per revolution.

The industrial machines I've used all have servos. I just haven't done any research on them thinking they would too costly for my build.
Any advice on using these would be greatly appreciated!

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