Hi guys.
I have a new SRM50-HAV0-K01 encoder and need to Write parameters on it from an old (seemingly broken) SRM50-HAV0-K01 (saying this couse ).
When I try to import data from the old one (via sopas or sdv files both), face an connection error.
from sdv file the process normally goes on (mean setting device offline, loading device data from file, setting device online, Authenticatin with device) till last step which is synchronizin device data and after allowing upload remaining parameterd from device "a connection problem occured" and device cant be back online.
Ands from a sopas file the progress goes on and after allowing YES to Read to synchronize question, same message appears ("a connection problem occured")
sopas version: 2018.3 build (Vm version 1.8.0_73)
device: PGT-11-S
Help me please.
Thanks in advance.
James Ross