I am a young guy working in a machine shop for the past year. I'm thinking of making a career out of it. However I have concerns about exposure to poor air quality and impact on my health. I've had an unrelenting sore throat for the past 5 months. I've been to the doctor and after a few tests the evidence seems to point to the cause as poor air quality at work. Looking at the osha guidelines for Metalworking fluids safety and health best practice manual. https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/metalworki...ds_manual.html I can see my shop is doing next to nothing. We have no mist collectors, no dust collectors on bench grinders or belt sanders, a lot of machines in a small area, no coolant monitoring program, the shop is very unclean, and management is generally poor in all other areas. As much as I would like to pursue this as a career, I simply can't do it if I'm going to be sick all of the time. I am wondering if you have any hard data on what percent of shops are meeting or exceeding the best practices manual, or at least most or some of the way there. Even a guess of estimate would be helpful as there is not a lot of info that i can find.

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