The screen on my Arrow 2000 freezes up after booting up, I was able to power down and restart and the touchscreen worked responded to touch was able to access other features on the mill. Until the next day same thing only not responding to the restart. It beeps on start up then again when the diagnostics is running. Saying the KTI/Keyboard has failed. So with that info I changed out the OP screen completely,with a repaired screen From Seimens, rebooted the machine getting KTI/keyboard missing.
I checked the workstation board cleaned it reinstalled double checked connections, same result. I had another screen that went all white on me, took the KTI board installed it on the first problem screen and it worked. Until when I went to check on it today at the start of the shift same thing will not respond to touch.
The setup person used it in the morning and nothing after that. Trying to figure this one out. Thanks for any help.

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