Q 8. I want you to be aware of the main material that we use a lot. Our material is high density (1,400kg/m3) and the router must be strong enough to cut and rout such material. Not only cutting ability, but also the cut edge must be clean because the edge of this panel is finished in the CNC router (no edging is applied). Of course the tools we use are special high quality tools, but the router must be stable and accurate to give straight clean edge & grooves. I’m afraid that the bigger machine (2000x4100mm) will have less accuracy and less stability, especially after some time of use. Can you please check this with your team and make sure that we will have no finishing quality issue. Maybe they will recommend some improvements to the machine..

A 8. Edge cutting depend on tools, because you use special high quality tools, the edge will be clean.
The size of machine can’t affect processing accuracy. Machines of different sizes have the same performance and stability

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